PhD Project Description

Thesis Title: Forging Ahead: Technology Development and Emerging Economies

Research Period: 2015-2018

In view of the climate change challenge and the potential environmental and economic consequences of global warming, scientists and engineers believe that technology can have the solution. Economists, as well, have long considered innovation and technological change as the main driving factor of economic growth.
As CO2 emissions resulted from burning fossil fuels are considered among the main causes of the climate change, many advanced technologies have been introduced in the last decades to provide clean sources of energy, facilitate people's life, and enable them facing their major challenges. In this thesis two key sectors are going to be addressed under the framework of innovation systems in terms of their main actors, institutional structures, interactions, as well as learning, capability building processes, and the possibilities of developing economies to catch-up and contribute in their development. These selected sectors are photovoltaic renewable energy as a mature sector, and robotic cars as a brand new field.
Following empirical quantitative research methodology, the PhD project studies the main characteristics of the innovation systems of photovoltaics and robotics technologies, identifies the learning and technological accumulation processes done by emerging economies in this direction, and explores the network structures channelling knowledge flows for technological development in these fields.


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