Young Research Group Technology and Innovation

The “Technology and Innovation“ research group studies how technologies emerge, develop and diffuse. Taking an evolutionary perspective, the research group considers explicitly the dynamic nature of technological change and the role of institutions and learning processes in shaping it. Moreover, technological change is considered a collective achievement. Interactions of actors and organizations (such as companies, suppliers, users, universities, interests groups, etc.) in emergence, development and technology diffusion are hence a relevant research dimension. Additionally, the increasing internationalization of research and development activities as well as the changing focus of innovation from a global perspective (with emerging economies becoming increasingly active in knowledge intensive activities) are key aspects of research. Emerging economies and catching-up regions constitute an important regional focus of the research group. In particular, the research group aims at understanding how technological change and innovation (under the changing global innovation landscape) open up perspectives for sustainable economic development in emerging and catching-up economies.
To tackle these research topics, the group focusses largely on specific knowledge intensive economic sectors and/or technologies. This focus allows for taking into account heterogeneity across sectors and technologies in what concerns technological change. However, it demands, to a certain extent, a deeper understanding of sectors and/or technologies that goes beyond economics. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the research group aims at collaborating with and involving researchers from different disciplines to benefit specially from the knowledge of natural and engineering sciences.
Methodologically the research group has a strong empirical focus. Research tasks concentrate on the development and application of technology indicators to track processes of technological change in developed and developing regions. The focus lies largely on patent indicators.


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